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On-chain Assets
Unique Branding
Custom Domain


Cutting-edge Code
Secure Hosting
Maintenance & Support
Compatible with EVM networks including:

One Interface.
Unlimited Dapps.

Use a single module or mix and match to suit your needs.

NFT Marketplace Featuring:
On-chain Orders
Creator Royalties
ERC20 Marketplace Featuring:
Custom Token List
Automated Market Maker
On-chain Swaps
LP Rewards

With many more modules to come

Your Full Web3 Stack


Any EVM compatible network - including your own custom network - can be supported.

Smart Contracts

Contracts are developed using battle-tested libraries, harnessing popular industry standards (e.g: ERC20, ERC721 & ERC1155). Your own existing contracts can also be supported.


3Stack works with popular node providers such as Alchemy and Infura. Dedicated nodes can also be hosted for your preferred network.


The 3Stack API provides all on-chain data, pre-processed specifically for your dApp, thereby resulting in significantly faster load times.

dApp Interface

The white-label user interface automatically fetches information from the API in real-time.


Users can interact directly with your dapp using any supported Web3-enabled wallet of their choosing.

Easily create a best-in-class Web3 experience for your users.

Custom Fees

Multiple fee recipients can be configured to automatically execute on contract events. No one needs to wait for their royalties or service fees.

Curated Assets

Choose the assets your users see. No fakes, no scams, no undesirable content. Your ecosystem, your way.

100% On-chain

All actions are executed on-chain. All historic data is produced from on-chain events.


Users always retain full ownership of their assets, even those pending sale.

No devs required

Let 3Stack do the heavy lifting - from configuration to deployment to customizations - no development or DevOps required.

No User Tracking

3Stack will never track your users. All analytics are done using public on-chain data only.