Cryptsters launched a full PFP-focused NFT collection, complete with a standalone marketplace, without developers, by utilizing 3Stack's modular, white-label web3 service.

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Traded Collection On Ubiq


Royalties in Perpetuity


In just a few years, the NFT market has already grown to over $40 billion dollars and is expected to continue to grow to generate nearly $400 billion by 2032.

However, 97% of the market is dominated by a single entity. Currently, there are only two ways to launch an NFT project - deploy it on one of few supported networks or build everything from scratch. NFT projects are often art-focused or community-driven, and do not have a team of developers behind them. 3Stack enables anyone to seamlessly launch their own NFT project on any EVM-compatible network - with no experience or developers required.


Longtime artist Tunachum wanted to launch his own NFT project - Cryptsters - on his favorite blockchain, Ubiq. Given that Ubiq is a smaller, lesser known network, it was not supported by large NFT marketplaces and services. With no developer skills of his own, he believed he had no choice but to abandon his plans. Until he heard about 3Stack.


Tunachum got in touch with us and explained his vision for Cryptsters - that it would, above all, provide an optimal, first-class user experience.

We provided the ERC721 contract deployment, a custom-tailored landing page, complete with minting functionality, and a secondary marketplace. We worked closely with Tunachum throughout the process to ensure we delivered exactly what he had envisioned.


Upon launch, all of the 888 NFTs in the Cryptsters collection were minted in less than one hour. Cryptsters quickly rose to the #1 spot as the most-traded NFT collection on Ubiq.


By utilizing 3Stack, Tunachum was able bring his own unique NFT project to life - and it was a big success. Today, countless members of the Ubiq community use Cryptsters NFTs as their PFPs, and it is still the #1 most-traded NFT collection on Ubiq.

Tunachum has also received royalties on every single trade since launch and will continue to do so.

3Stack gives anyone - with or without development experience - the ability to provide to their users a complete, end-to-end web3 experience on any EVM compatible network, no matter how big or small.